#YouCodeGirl learn to code with us this August!

A 100 hour full-time introduction to frontend web development crash course. During this program, female participants ages 16 + will go through an intensive bootcamp-style learning experience, where they will learn the basics of web development, build their own static website, network with established women in tech, and experience a variety of leadership workshops.

Why Women Edition?

AlMakinah aims to play an active role in addressing the imbalances in the gender ratio in tech by inviting more women to explore this field with GearUp Women Edition. By Global standards, despite making up 57% of all professional occupations, women held only 25% of all computing occupations, and even fewer held leadership roles. In addition, the World Bank reported in 2016 that the rate of female unemployment in Egypt was around 25% - that’s not including women who were not actively searching for a job. We believe, through learning the basics of programming and building websites, GearUp Women Edition provides women with access to numerous job opportunities, which include remote jobs where they could gain a stable income from the comfort of their homes!

The women in tech track at AlMakinah is linked with the hashtag #YouCodeGirl. The purpose of our hashtag is not only to encourage women to penetrate the tech space but also to infuse a supportive culture amongst the community. The only way we can move forward in our careers is to stand together and celebrate each other's victories.

20th of August - 31st of August


AUC Tahrir

4,000 EGP


Fundamentals of Computing, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Terminal Basics: navigation and basic commands
  • HTML:Structure, Text, Lists, Tables, Images, Links, Forms.
  • CSS Styling and Positioning
  • Responsive Design, CSS Frameworks
  • JS Fundamentals: datatypes, variables, conditionals and loops
Advanced JavaScript
  • Javascript in the browser environment (DOM interface) and Events
  • jQuery and DOM manipulation
  • Understanding the fundamentals of APIs, JSON, and AJAX
  • Using Chrome Developer Tools
Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Understanding of the Object Oriented design paradigm
  • OO JS: Decorator Pattern, Functional instantiation, Factories
MVC architectures
  • Introduction to the Model View Controller architecture
  • Modularize an existing application to follow an MVC architecture
Basics of Interaction Design
  • Introduction to Interaction Design concepts and practices
  • Understanding usability heuristics and how to apply them to UI design
  • Understanding basics of visual design and how they apply to UI design
Women Empowerment
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Networking events with women tech leaders

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*You must bring your laptop with you everyday.

*Ask about CIB installments.

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